Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boo :(

Okay, mini pity party alert! All day long, the sky has been dark, and rain has been pouring. I'm talking torrents, here people. I feel like the sky is mad at me and has sent angry black clouds to keep the sun from smiling down at me. Poor sun; poor me!! Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and warm and sunny. Here's hoping!!

In the meantime, while I'm stuck inside, I found some new contests!!!

  • Win a Toshiba Portege A-600 laptop!!! The MOmmy Files is hosting this generous giveaway for a laptop that features a 12" screen, bluetooth, and much(MUCH) more. It would make a great Father's Day gift, or you can just keep it for yourself:) Enter to win it HERE (XX)

  • Win a Shea Butter Gift Basket filled with organic Shea butter products worth a total of $55!! Prissy Green reviews the Shea Butter Market and has all the deets! You don't wanna miss this; Enter HERE (XX)

  • Win your choice of a Yoga Emergency DVD from Prissy Green HERE (XX)

  • Win a bottle of Poême Eau de Parfum HERE (Share what your 1st fragrance was)

  • Win Evolution of Smooth Organi Smooth Sphere lip balm from The Product Pasha. The lip balm is made with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter and comes in a cute "egg-like" container! I think I'm in love. Enter HERE (XX)

  • Win Curél Continuous Comfort Original Formula Lotion HERE. Be the *th(gone) 16th, 23rd, or 37th comment and you's tricky, 'cause the entries don't always show up right away...I was 9. pooh:( (XX)

  • Win the Deep Sea Oval Turquoise Necklace from Abella Galleries. It is so gorgeous and would go with just about anything! Enter HERE (XX)

  • Enter to win Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant from Baby Lovin' Mama, who LOVED the Wild Rose scent she tried. She says it goes on like "butter". Wanna win? I sure do!!! Enter HERE (XX)

  • Win a $25 G.C. to Ecostore USA, which has tons of great products for you or around the house: everything from cleansers, soaps to laundry liquid! Enter to win HERE @ Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports. (XX)

  • Win an Organoderm Skin Care travel kit from dkMommy Spot.It sounds wonderful!!!!! Enter HERE (XX plus daily!)
  • Win Decleor Aroma Sun Stick HERE
  • Win Kiss My Face Potent and Pure Facial Care line HERE
  • Win two cute headbands HERE

**Sorry this was posted on Friday, but my computer had a LOT of problems. Anyway, good luck to all:)