Thursday, May 28, 2009

Boo :(

Okay, mini pity party alert! All day long, the sky has been dark, and rain has been pouring. I'm talking torrents, here people. I feel like the sky is mad at me and has sent angry black clouds to keep the sun from smiling down at me. Poor sun; poor me!! Hopefully tomorrow will be bright and warm and sunny. Here's hoping!!

In the meantime, while I'm stuck inside, I found some new contests!!!

  • Win a Toshiba Portege A-600 laptop!!! The MOmmy Files is hosting this generous giveaway for a laptop that features a 12" screen, bluetooth, and much(MUCH) more. It would make a great Father's Day gift, or you can just keep it for yourself:) Enter to win it HERE (XX)

  • Win a Shea Butter Gift Basket filled with organic Shea butter products worth a total of $55!! Prissy Green reviews the Shea Butter Market and has all the deets! You don't wanna miss this; Enter HERE (XX)

  • Win your choice of a Yoga Emergency DVD from Prissy Green HERE (XX)

  • Win a bottle of Poême Eau de Parfum HERE (Share what your 1st fragrance was)

  • Win Evolution of Smooth Organi Smooth Sphere lip balm from The Product Pasha. The lip balm is made with Vitamin E, jojoba oil, and shea butter and comes in a cute "egg-like" container! I think I'm in love. Enter HERE (XX)

  • Win Curél Continuous Comfort Original Formula Lotion HERE. Be the *th(gone) 16th, 23rd, or 37th comment and you's tricky, 'cause the entries don't always show up right away...I was 9. pooh:( (XX)

  • Win the Deep Sea Oval Turquoise Necklace from Abella Galleries. It is so gorgeous and would go with just about anything! Enter HERE (XX)

  • Enter to win Dove Visibly Smooth deodorant from Baby Lovin' Mama, who LOVED the Wild Rose scent she tried. She says it goes on like "butter". Wanna win? I sure do!!! Enter HERE (XX)

  • Win a $25 G.C. to Ecostore USA, which has tons of great products for you or around the house: everything from cleansers, soaps to laundry liquid! Enter to win HERE @ Energizer Bunny's Mommy Reports. (XX)

  • Win an Organoderm Skin Care travel kit from dkMommy Spot.It sounds wonderful!!!!! Enter HERE (XX plus daily!)
  • Win Decleor Aroma Sun Stick HERE
  • Win Kiss My Face Potent and Pure Facial Care line HERE
  • Win two cute headbands HERE

**Sorry this was posted on Friday, but my computer had a LOT of problems. Anyway, good luck to all:)

Rainy Thursday

Here's the list of giveaways for today: drive-by style:) Enjoy!

  • Win White Sands Sudge Texture hair cream from Lipgloss Break. This cream does everything for the exact style you want!! Enter to win HERE (XX)
  • Win a $50 G.C. to just share your fave online discount beauty store to win HERE
  • Win a $25 G.C. to Lu Kels boutique, which offers a great selection and variety of everything from watches to diaper bags!! The Giveaway is giving you the chance to win HERE
  • Win Serum balm and eye balm HERE
  • Win a LanoLips lipgloss bracelet from The Lano Co!! Enter to win this cool twisted-metal bracelet that (yes!) holds lipgloss inside!!!! Talk about beauty on the outside and inside! Enter HERE (XX)
  • Win a hand-stamped Mommy necklace from Lauren Nicole gifts HERE (XX)

That's it for now- I know it's not much, but I'll post later today too! Good luck!!

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

How to help Ezra

I told you a couple days agao about Ezra, a little boy just diagnosed with leukemia and the son of Manic Mommy. Swag Studio, in an effort to help Ezra and his family (and also other bloggers), has come up with a great ides to sell pretty blue bracelets that say "Blog Love" on them. They're only $5 , too:) Read my post about Ezra HERE and preorder your bracelet (or just read the post about the bracelets) HERE

Win it Wednesday

Hump-day is here again...half-way through. Whew! Any plans fo the up-coming weekend?? I'm not sure how much posting I'll be able to do because I'll be out of town for 2 or 3 days. Today, however, I've uncovered loads of contests with fabulous prizes. Only the best for my readers, og course:)

  • Win Aunt Vi's Garden Aura Spary Set worth $120!! Natural Mommie gives you all the deets on Aunt Vi's Garden Aura Sprays- which she notes are loooved by celebs and fab mags alike:) Enter to win all sprays (that's 8!!!) in the set HERE (XX)
  • Win Lancôme's Hynôse Eau de Parfum HERE
  • The Beauty Counter is (very generously!) giving you a chance to win a ClarisonicPlus Skin Care System & Spot Therapy Kit -that's worth $225!!!! yeah, I said generous, right?? It's easy to enter, so hurry up and do it HERE (XX)
  • Win Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil HERE (XX)
  • Win your choice of earrings from Erin F's etsy shop! Melinda Joy tells us why she loooved the earrings she was given to review and gives you the chance to win your own! They are all beautiful!! Enter HERE
  • Get all the deets about BellaSugar's getaway giveaway HERE!!
  • Win A Twilight-inspired ring! Okay, don't lie; you know you love everything Twilight. You've read the books, seen the movie (at least once), and now everytime you hear the names Edward and Bella, visions of vampires pop in your head. Well, Blue's Creative Outlet is perfect for you then! The artist has a bunch of jewelry inspired by the supere popular books and movie, and Maria's Space is giving you the chance to win a ring inspired by the one Edward gave Bella; how sweet! It's really pretty, and you'll be reminded of your new favorite love story every time you see it:) Enter HERE (XX)
  • Win a set of Calypso S.H.O.P. totes! These bags are the perfect reusable shopping bags and are super cute!! Enter to win HERE at Three Different Directions! (XX)
  • Win Pevonia Botanica's Tropicale gift set from Mommy Loves It! She shares her reasons for loving Pevonia Botanica- and, belive me, you'll want to try it after you read her review!! Enter HERE (XX)
  • Win a $100 HP G. C. from Mom In the City- That's a huge prize!!!! You can use it online towards any HP products or services. Very cool! Enter HERE
  • Win a $50 G.C. to Jumeau- an up and coming women's bag and belt designer. Moody Mommy has more specifics and details about Jumeau products and company. I love the bag she features on her post. Go HERE to enter!! (XX)
  • Win a $25 G.C. to Things That Make Scents. This company researched the harmful effects of candles, and the results are shocking! Who knew your beautiful, sweet-smelling candle was so toxic? Things That Makes Scents offers a great solution with beautiful, swee-smelling candles that don't harm you or the environment! How great is that?? Mom of 2 Dancers Reviews had the chance to review one candle and explains why she loved it so much. Enter to win the G.C. HERE (XX)

Good Luck with all those contests!!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Double trouble

Here's a list of new all giveaways for Tuesday- my second contest post today! Now don't you feel lucky??

  • Win MAC Gold Rebel lipglass HERE
  • Win Lancome's Trésor Sheer parfum HERE
  • Win a cool animal print wristlet from Baekgaard HERE
  • Get all the deets about a giveaway for a summer's worth of manicures HERE!!!
  • Win a gorgeous pari of Shinig Shakti hand-dyed yoga pants!! Beautiful colors, comfy, organic, and part of the profits go to charity?!!? Could these pants get any better? I don't think so! Well, only if you won a pair from The Product Pasha!! Enter HERE (XX)
  • Check out tons and tons of giveaways from today HERE
  • Enter to win OCC (Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics) Lip Tar in Melange and Traffic! Read about her addiction to Lip Tar, ad why you'll love it just as much, then enter for your chance to win both colors HERE (XX)

God luck, beauty lovers!

Tuesday treats

I just had the most delicious smoothie-bluberries, kiwi, and banana!! It was definitely a yummy treat, and I've got a bunch more treats for my readers-giveaways, that is:)

  • Win the Pevonia teen blemished skin kit which includes cleanser, toner, moisturizer, blemish b-gone, and mask. She writes a reveiw of the eco-friendly kit her son used(also the giveaway kit), so you'll know exactly how well it works! Enter to win HERE (XX)
  • Win you choice of Stella & Dot earrings up to $50 from Spearmint Baby! They have tons of beautiful earring to choose from, so you ca find something you absolutely LOVE! Enter to win HERE (XX)
  • Win a pair of Bandals- the sandals that let you switch out the straps! How cool is that?? Read a little more about Bandals and enter to win some HERE @ Fabulous Fun Finds (XX)
  • Also from FFF, win a Yumi Chen Bird of Paradise necklace. I LOVEloveLOVE all the designs from the site, and the giveawy necklace is gorgeous! Enter to win it HERE
  • Win Benefit Cosmetics' Smokin' Eye kit from Mythbuster Beauty. Enter to win it HERE
  • Win a collection of 4 eco-chic Alima Pure April in Paris mineral eyeshadows worth $25 each!! Read her review of Alima products, and find out why you'll loooove to have these ones! Enter to win HERE @ Natual Mommie (XX)
  • Win Yes to Carrots shampoo and conditioner (one of each formula which includes yes to carrots, yes to cucumbers, and yes to tomoatoes!!!!) That's 6 bottles! Read her review of all three formulas and get all the deets on why these hair care line are perfect for anyone!! Enter to win HERE (XX) Thank you Wishing Penny!! (XX)
  • Win your choice of a hilarious t-shirt from Nacho Mama Tees-even the brand name is funny! Enter to win HERE (XX)

Good luck, everyone!!!

Monday, May 25, 2009

Spread the word...

I just read Manic Mother's post from 2 days ago saying that her little boy Ezra was just diagnosed with leukemia and will need chemo for 3 years!! As is completely imaginable, she and her family are now facing financial difficulties and have asked for your help. Donate-any amount at all- or help by spreading the word. Her story is so sad, and no family should have to go through this without some support. You can read her full post about it HERE.
I think that, however tragic this must be for her,her whole family, and friends, we should realize something. This could happen to any one of us, and if we needed support, would everyone else be there for us? Take a moment from your busy day (and life) and read her story, and if you are unable to help financially, she would love and appreciate an encouraging comment or help spreading the word I'm sure.

Help her spread the word about this by tweeting, reposting this or her post, telling friends, family, anything! I'm sure she will be blessed to have any help.

Happy Memorial Day!!!!

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather, cookouts, parties, etc. this Memorial Day!! I sure am:)
To help you celebrate, I dug up some fabulous holiday-worthy giveaways!! Have fun=)

  • Win a $30 G.C. to Andrea's Beau, which has a wide variety of pretty hair accessories- can you say Blair Waldorf?? LOVE IT!!! Enter to win HERE (XX)
  • Win SunChips and an ECOBAG from Sage and Savvy HERE (XX)
  • Win a Cultured Freshwater Pearl and Smoky Quartz necklace from West Coast Jewelry and A Psych Mommy! She reviews another necklace adn even has a video showcasing it! Enter HERE to win the beautiful necklace! (XX)
  • Win Dove go fresh Nectarine and white ginger body bar and burst body wash! Read here review of the Dove go fresh products she tried, and get tons of entries to win HERE (XX)
  • Win a Colored Dreams woven cuff bracelet from Single Rose Designs! Enter to win HERE at Garden of Many. (XX)
  • Win a Peace Purse from Sashay Jewelry. This pretty purse is blinged out adn gorgeous!! I almost didn't want to list this one, because I want to win it so badly...but, I guess I will because I love you:) Enter to win HERE
  • Win Dolly Cool Jewelry- a necklace and earring set. They are both so cute and rockin; I love them!!Win it HERE and check out more of her giveaways on the left sidebar. (XX)
  • Win an Avon Breast Cancer flip flop necklace! Super cute and supports a wonderful cause! Enter HERE and check out more giveaways on the same site.
  • Check out over 80 giveaway listings HERE!!!!!

Good Luck, and, again, Happy Memorial Day!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sleepy Sunday

What is it about Sundays that make you sooo tired?? I'm thinking a nap would be nice. lol But I'll hold off utnil I post these giveaways for you; though I am going to do it speedy-style. Enjoy!

  • Win MAC Mercenary nail lacquer HERE
  • Win Becoming Beauty by Dimitri James & SKINN All-In-One Compact HERE
  • Whole Foods Mineral makeup HERE
  • Win a pedicure set! Get the deets HERE
  • Win Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil from She Scribes. This stuff can be used for evreything form cooking to hair and skin!!! They have major health/skin/hair benefits, taste delish, and smell sweet. Read all about it, some ways she used it, adn enter to win some HERE
  • Bella Sugar is yet again(!) giving you the chance to win the Bare Escentuals Siren of the Sea Hydrating and Brightening collection!! Enter HERE (Note: you do not need to answer questions(s) correctly. As long as you're signed in to OnSugar and take the quix, you will be entered)

Good Luck!!!

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Additional Saturday Contests

Just so you can be the know as much as I am and get to enter giveaways ASAP, I've found a few more giveaways for today. So don't miss out; enter thses now:

  • Win MAC Vibrant Grape Eyeshadow HERE (XX)
  • Win Maybelline's Mineral Power Powder Foundation in classic ivory light 2! Enter HERE
  • Win a $25 G.C. to Amanda's Obsession etsy jewelry shop. Really pretty earring, bracelets, and necklaces:) Enter to win HERE

Good Luck!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Sizzle Saturday!

In case you're clueless, it's Memorial Day Weekend!! That means cookouts, sun, and an extra long weekend for more RR:)

For me, it also means more time to post!!! Here are some giveaways to celebrate:

Win a Mimobot USB flash drive from My Charmed Life. I know this isn't something I usually post about, but they have some really cool and cute flash drives. And being fabulous is about having necessities become accessories, right?? Enter to win HERE (XX)

  • Win Chicken Scratch Peppermint brown sugar scrub from Salad for Breakfast. Intruiging name, no? Read all about the brand and some Chicken Scratch products on her post and enter to win HERE
  • Bella Sugar is gving you YET ANOTHER chance to win the Bare Escentuals Siren of the Sea Hydrating and Brightening collection! Enter HERE
  • Win Lime and Cranberry soap and body butter from Wynndrew's Etsy Shop! This is hosted by StuffUnderTwenty, a cool site that features the best stuff you can buy under twenty bucks. They have a lot of the latest styles, etc. in a version less than $20. Very cool:) Read their review of some of Wynndrew's other products and enter to win the soap and body butter HERE (XX)
  • Win a Swerve razor, the first ever "full body" razor!!! I think it's make a great father's day gift, too. Read all about it and enter to win at My Blog on Beauty HERE (XX)
  • Win an 8x10 print by Posh Gallery- beautiful pictures! Want them all. My faves are the Maltese Portside and Seeds for Spring. Enter to win the print of your choice HERE at Fabulous Fun Finds (XX)
  • FFF also has a giveawy perfect for Father'd Day: win an Orient men's watch. The giveaway watch is pictured, and it looks really nice. Enter to win HERE (XX)
  • Okay, Fabulous Fun Finds is the best!!!!! Enter to win a $75, or maybe $150, Art Jewelry online G.C. You could win a shopping spree for some beautiful earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings- anything your heart wants! AND if you join the Art Jewelry newsletter HERE and then check the Fabulous Fun Finds interest (and are then picked as the winner) your prize will be doubled to $150!!!!! Note that you must comment with your 2 favorite pieces under $200. Art Jewelry Online has really unique, conversational-pieces jewelry that's beautiful and is very much "art jewelry". I love it. I want it. But you can enter too HERE (XX)
  • Don't forget to enter to win a Cobalt Ring Holder from The Lang Comapny Jewelry and MarieLynn Boutique!!! This artist is no longer making anything, so here's your chance to get a one-of-a-kind jewelry holder! Enter HERE (XX) For more info, see my original post on the giveaway HERE

Good Luck and Happy Memorial Day!!!!!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner!!

Alright, here's the thing about giveaways: You cannot control how much/ what/ when you win. I've had weeks where I've won stuff almost in a row, but recently I haven't won anything...until tonight. I got an e-mail sying I was the winner of this gorge "Whisper... bracelet" from Pixesette, where you can find beautiful, hand-crafted necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. I love ALL her stuff! Here are some of my faves:

I'm normally a necklace-only girl, but I am in love with this bracelet- I can't wait to get it:) She has over a 180 items for sale, and 100% positive feedback from almost 130 reviews!! Wanna be just another happy customer of hers?? Check out all her jewelry for sale HERE and her blog HERE.

Thank you so much PixiSette!!! Winning this made my day=)

Don't forget to keep checking back for more giveaways. Or follow me with the follow box to the left, and never miss out on great giveaways like the one I won.

Freakin Friday

I've recently realized that I post about 4-5 giveaways each time I post. That's not a whole lot, so I came up with a little idea. I've found a bunch more giveaways, and I'll post them with little to no description; of course, I'll tell you what's up for grabs, but not a whole lot more. (If I'm using the post to get an extra entry, I'll write more.) I'm going to try this out; please let me know if you prefer more details, or if you like getting tons of giveaways. Thanks, and good luck!!

  • Win 2 Chapstick True Shimmer lip balms HERE
  • Win a Kolopax Ring-handle tote worth $79 HERE from Fabulous Fun Finds. Super cute!! I like the top one. (XX)
  • Get a FREE Beauty Balance Sample Kit HERE (not a giveaway!)
  • Mommy in Pink is giving away Celebrate Life Nutrition's assorted box of truffles and chocolates (LOVE!) Enter to win HERE (XX)
  • Check out's beach giveaways and more HERE
  • Win a California Classics Leather Crossbody Handbag from the Sak worth over $100! Gorgeous tan leather, perfect size, casual throw-over-your-shoulder love love! Win it from Piece of ME HERE (XX)
  • MommyGoggles is giving away Maybelline's Pulse Perfection mascara-beore it's in stores! She has a video about the mascara showing you how it works, too! Enter to win HERE (XX)
  • Win the Beauty Strokes Mineral Optics brush collection HERE
  • Win 2 CoverGirl products from Makeup Masala HERE (ends today!)
  • Win a Quenn Bea Studio Cocktail Basket handbag from Fabulous Fun Finds. I love FFF; they always have great, unique giveaways:) These bags are soo beachy cool! Enter to win HERE
  • Win a $10 Victoria's Secret G.C.!!! Enter HERE

Note: the following giveaways end TODAY MAY 22!!! Hurry for your chacne to win!

  • Win a $20 American Express G.C. HERE I I could not find Dolly anywhere, but give it a try-maybe you'll be luckier than I)
  • Win a SanDisk slotRadio and slotRadio card from Mom in the City. Enter HERE(actually ends tomorrow, oops!) (XX)
  • Win a pair of Midnight Black earrings from Jewely of Lav. They are GORGEOUS!! I want them soo bad:) Enter to win HERE at Designa By Vanessa
  • Win Tart D'Amande Soufflé Riche Pour Le Corps (body lotion) from Mommies with Cents. Sounds pretty decadent and French, too! Ohh, la la!!!! Enter to win HERE
  • Win your choice of Recupe Fashion!! Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous. That's all I have to say about it. Well, except that the artist makes items from upcycled materials! How cools? PLUS, she sells her earring for $12 or less!! Okay, I don't think you need more convincing: Enter HERE (XX!)

Plus, enter to win a Cobalt Ring Holder from The Lang Co. Jewelry. This glass jewelry reall is a work of art made by the LE Smith Glass Company. I love it!! Enter to win it HERE from MarieLynn Boutique!

Okay, I think that's waaaay more than usual. Good Luck with all the fab giveaways!

Fabulous Friday!!

Yepp, it's officially Friday! Yayy!!
Here are a few freebies I found for today:

Sweet N' Sassy Girls is giving away Mabelline's pulse perfection mascara! She writes a review of the mascara, and is giving you several ways to enter!!! Enter HERE(XX)

Enter to win ecoTOOLS make-up brushes from Our Happy Happenings. I've heard these ae amazing, so you don't want to miss out. Be green and beautiful:) Enter to win HERE (XX)

Win a cool tie-dye clutch from UrbanKnit (worth $55) and Sandier Pastures. Love all their stuff:) soo cool! See a few of their items on the giveaway post, and check out more at their etsy shop! Enter to win HERE

BellaSugar si giving you another chance to win the Bare Escentuals Siren of the Seea Hydrating and Brighteneing collection! Enter HERE

Win PiggyPaint nail polish from 3 Kids and Us! I love love piggy paints' colors and their goal to bring you nail polish withut all the harsh chemicals! Read her thought on Piggy Paint and enter to win a $20 G.C. to Piggy Paint!! Enter HERE

Good Luck. As always, I'll probably post more throughout the day, so stay tuned!!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

I got the blues...

Today has soo not been a particularly good day for me. You could say I have a pretty bad case of "the blues". But, entering (well, winning) giveaways cheers me up a bit, so I've been hunting for some more giveaways.
I was also thinking about writing a post about giveaway tips. Anyone interested? Just leave a comment with any questions, suggestions, anything:) thanks

Now, back to those contests....

Win a $25 G.C. to SolarHalo's etsy shop. The shop carries jewelry, bags, and photography. I really love her photography, but my fave is the butterfly kisses necklace:) Enter to win HERE at Salad for Breakfast(XX)...Or win a $25 G.C. to SolarHalo from Shooting Stars Mag. Read the interview with the artist behind SolarHalo and enter to win the G.C. HERE (no XX for this one, but that's 2 different sites to win!!)

Win Kiss My Face for oil and acne prone skin at Addicted to Lipstick HERE

The Informed Makeup Maven is giving away Diorshow mascara!!!! I won her last giveaway for the CoverGirl pack, and I love it!! She threw in a couple samples for me, too:) Enter to win HERE (note that entries must be 25 words or more...not as much as you'd think). Plus, check out her side roll for tips and the "ingredient of the week".

Win a $100 G.C. to Land's End!! Enter HERE from Boston mamas.

Okay, I had more, but my computer isn't working properly. hate that. I'll post more tomorrow of course, and you can check out tons more contests HERE.
Good Luck!

Thrusday (more giveaways!)

Here's the extended list of Giveaways for today. Enjoy:)

Win the Bare Escentuals Siren of the Sea Hydrating and Brightening collection from BellaSugar...Enter HERE (don't worry about answering the question correctly. as long as you're signed in to OnSugar and take the quix, you will be entered. NO XX)

The Shopping Mama has 3 "In the Bag" giveaways for you. They end this Sunday, so hurry up and get your chance to win!! You also get extra entries for these giveaways if you enter her other giveaways...have fun. Check out the "In the Bag" contests HERE

Get a chance to win MAC Fierce and Fabulous lipglass!! Enter HERE (XX)

Thrilling Thursday

Hmm, I here today's gonna be beee-youu-ti-ful:) Can't wait to take advantage of the nice weather. To keep my promise to post more, I've found some goodies for you:

The Butterfly Diaries is givng you the chance to win Lancome's "Maqnifique" to the person who submits the BEST reasonfor needing a new summer fragrance! Enter HERE

Win this beautiful pink laptop bag from Kolobags adn The Giveaway...Enter to win it HERE

ThisThatBeauty is giving away TONS of N.Y.C. cosmetics!!! Think N.Y.C. makeup isn't fabulous??? She'll change your mind for sure! Enter to win it all HERE

Win some GoodKharma soap with The Eclectic Element's giveaway for a $25G.C. to their GoodKharma Soaps Etsy shop!!!

more later...
Godd Luck!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Crazy Dog T-shirt Giveaway

I don't normally post about t-shirt giveaways, but I love this one!!! Crazy Dog Tees are hilarious, and they also have some really cute girls tees. The Life and Times of The Perry Family is giving you the chance to win a shirt of your choice from Crazy Dog!! Leave a comment HERE telling her which shirt you want to win and in what size. The shirt you comment about will be the one you win(if you're the lucky person), so make sure it's the one you want the most and the right size!

There are also extra entries to earn:) Good Luck!!

Giveaways for Hump-Day:)

I know I've been slacking a bit on posting, but hopefully this will make up for it.Hmm, seems like I'm always slacking, then posting a bunch. lol Sorry!

Win Maybelline's pulse perfection mascara...soooo many giveaways for this one!! Enter at ChicShopperChick HERE. She raves about the brand new vibrating mascara, and wants to give you the chance to try it,too. (XX)

FashionFling is giving away Luli Fama swimwear to one really, really lucky person!! I love their stuff; my fave is the Mi Morena cutout monokini. So festive and fun and colorful!!!! Enter to win the ruched-back bikini HERE(XX, including daily!)

She Scribes is giving away SpinLash mascara. Like the vibrating ones except it spins!! She tells you a bit more about it and suggests using your own mascara instead of the one it comes with....but it sounds like it works great for no clumps! Enter to win it HERE. (XX)

Entwe to win a purse hook from MyTagalongs...sounds perfect for when I don't want my designer (okay,I'm dreaming here) bag sitting precariously on the floor! Enter to win it from Living' Life and Lovin' It HERE(XX)

Win a fabulous handbag from Handbag Heaven, which sells gorge bags inspired by designer ones ( you know, in case you can't afford to drop $2000 right about now) Enter to win one HERE(XX)

The Fashionable Gal is giving away a copy of U Chic, a girls' guide for everything college! Win it here

Win a Soy and Linen body spray in your choice of scent from The Gift Closet! Enter to win at Etsy It Up! HERE

Good Luck!


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Max Factor Lash Perfection Giveaway

A Little More Beautiful is giving you a chance to win Max Factor's Lash Perfection mascara...don't you just love the name??

To enter, just comment HERE with your name and e-mail address.
Ends June 20th

Good Luck!!

Coriolis Classi Flat Iron in black Giveaway!!!

Get a chance to win a Coriolis Classic flat iron from Misikko and hosted by Good Golly Miss Blondie. She writes about some of the features and is giving you TONS of chances to win it!!!

Enter HERE. Good Luck!!!!

Jewelry holder giveaway

MarieLynn Boutique has a fabulous contest that will help you solve your organizational problems(& I have plenty!) in a non-utilitarian way. Actually, this Cobalt Jewelry Ring holder is simply gorgeous! The blue? Divine! The shape? Magnifiscent! It reminds me of stained-glass windows with the design:) It could probably also hold bracelets and necklaces in the base, too. Beauty and functio merge pefectly in this item. Just the way I like it.

Enter HERE. There are also tons of XX entries, so don't forget to earn those!
Good Luck!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Jewelry Giveaway!!

Win fabulous Joolwe earrings and a necklace from A Latte in the Morning... Joolwe has gorgeous jewelry. All their stuff is beautiful, and they have a wide variety of items, so whatever your style you can find something you'll LOVE!!

A Latte in the Morning is giving away the Sterling Silver CZ solitaire pendant & matching CZ stud earrings pictured on her post HERE. There are tons of fun extra entries, so don't forget to enter!!! ENTER HERE

Good Luck!

Monday madness....

Tons of giveaways!! Eat your heart out:) Oh, and on an unrelated but equally fabulous note: Gossip Girl was amaaaazing tonight! You have got to see it if you missed it! I won't spoil it if you haven't, but I was literally mouth-agape for parts of it!

Alright, back to the contests...Gossip Girls will be back. Next Fall. *sigh*

Beauty Junkies Unite is hosting a giveaway that will give you faabulous body. The giveaway that keeps on giving. Love it Enter here at this post: NutriSystem giveaway (XX-daily!)

Enter to win Lipgloss Break's contest for UMI styling products. Win both the UMI S liquid and UMI D fuse. Haven't heard of it? Read her review here. Want it now?? She knew you enter to win it HERE (XX)

Win environmentally-friendly sustainable youth immune performance regimen! Enter HERE

E-mail to win he entire Kiss My Face Potent and Pure collection! Get all the details about kiss my face and the giveaway HERE

Another Kiss My Face giveaway!! ThisThatBeauty is giving away 5 Kiss My Face products!!!!! Enter for your chance to win HERE

Wow, more chances to win maybelline pulse perfection from maybelline's new products for summer...Plus, today you can buy the pulse perfection mascara online before it comes out! Enter to win it HERE from 3 Kids and Us...she also reviews the product and even has a video!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Misikko Giveaway!!!

Here are some more details on Misikko and A Psych Mommy's giveaway for a Babyliss Nano Titanium flat iron!!! She writes a bit about the flat iron, and here are some of the features:
*High heat levels up to 450 degrees
*Nano Titanium plates conduct heat and maintain stability in ultra high temperatures
*LCD temporary display*Digital ionic technology emits negative ions
*Slim design
*Ultra light weight
*Curved plate edges for flips & curls
*Swivel power cord
*Extra long 1.5" plates
You can win it by commenting about what other Misikko product you love or would love to try! Enter HERE. There are tons of extra entries you can earn, too, including daily, and it doesn't say specify unlimited entries, but it does say one entry per we'll see. Couldn't hurt to try!

Good Luck! And let me know if you win!!

Splendid Saturday.

It's SATURDAY!!! Yay:) I love waking up late, going for a run, and going shopping!!! Saturday aso gives me some extra time to post, so I'll take advantage of that and introduce some simply "faaaabulous, darling" giveaways! Have fun, and let me know if you win anything!!
(XX) =extra entires available!

Ooh, and Walgreens is having aYes to Carrots event today...I think they'll be having a specialist come and talk about hair/skin care and such. I'm pretty sure it's from 12-5, so if you have one near by, check it out!!

Win a Scandal Body Candle in Love the review and enter to win HERE

Win a cupcake-themed prize pack including a dress, handstamped necklace, and specialty cupcake soaps!!! Enter to win all 3 HERE (XX)

Win Maybelline's new pulse perfection mascara! It's not even out yet, and I can't believe how many giveaway for it there are already! Enter HERE

Visit Happily Blended to win a laptop sleeve from Chic Momm USA'a Etsy shop! Get all the detail on how to win and enter HERE (XX)

Win Misikko's Babyliss Nano Titanium flat iron..Enter HERE (XX)

Friday, May 15, 2009

Pevonia Botanica Giveaway!

If you could see what I see is giving away a Pevonia Botanica prize pack including Ce-aging salmousse, mist, and body balm!!! That's of lot of stuff to win!! Read her review of their products, and you'll know you want to win!!!...Enter HERE


1 More giveaway!!

Win a Garnier Fructis gift set worth $24 from Pinch That Penny 'Til It Screams. She'll be having more giveaways, but this is her first...and it's super fab!! I love Garnier products; they smell soo heavenly.

Don't miss out on this awesome contest!
Enter HERE

Super Cute Bracelet Giveaway!!!

I love this giveaway for a beautiful, elegant Whisper...rock chrystal and gunmetal bracelet from Pixisette jewelry!!!
The bracelet is gorge, and all her other jewelry is equally to-die-for! All you have to do is look at her stuff, and then tell her what you liked or basically just say 'hi" and you'll be's that easy- so don't miss out!!!!!!

You can also earn tons(I mean tons!!) of extra entries (I'm getting 5 right now!) SO click HERE, check out the prize, her other jewelry, enter, follo, all counts:)

Good Luck!!

Freebie Fridays!!!

Happy Friday, ladies:) It's finally here, and we can relax with all these giveaways I found for you...

Remember that this symbol (XX) = extra entries for you!!!!

Win a prize pack of CVS skin care products including sunscreen and apricot scrub from The Makeup Divas...Enter HERE

Win gorgeous, fun 3-piece zebra-striped lugagge set from factio-mag worth nearly $1000!!!!!! Enter to win it HERE

Win Jill Mansell's "An Offer You Can't Refuse" book...Enter HERE

Win these cute wall-hangings from The Lalala Shop at cute and charming!!!You don't want to miss these...Enter HERE (XX)

Win a $1000 shopping spree from Kaboodle...Enter HERE (XX-unlimited entries!!)

Win Maybelline's new pulsating mascara from Cutie Booty Cakes. Tell her what you're doing to Bring Sexy Back HERE and you could win!! (XX)

Win New Balance 749 running shoes and a sports bra...Enter HERE (XX)

Win some Purely Elegant jewelry-the name says it all classy, elegant, under-stated beauty...Enter to win HERE (XX)
Win Nicholas Landon jewelry- it's gorgeous, fun, and has a little unexpected twist to each piece...Win HERE (XX)

Win Sparklehearts natural body products..Enter HERE (XX)

Win a pair of these beautiful Bloomin' earring set from Michabella Creations, Blessings Abound, and Momdot's 31 bloggers event giveaway!!! The set has interchangeable charms for the pretty brass loop earrings:) Enter HERE at Blessings Abound! (XX)

Good luck!!!!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The "I-know-it's-almost-Friday-but-I-forgot-to-add-these" Thursday, cont'd

Uhmm, yeah, I think the title says it all. So, I'll get right to it...

Get a chance to win Dove's new visibly smooth deodorant. 10 WINNERS!...Enter HERE (XX)

Win Nine Naturals hair care shampoo and conditioners...Enter HERE

Win a Wella Prize pack worth over $50...Enter HERE

Win Brittanie's Thyme Green Clay with White Tea Mask, Facial Cleanser and Almond Oatmeal..yepp all that!! Enter HERE (XX)

Win a Mineral Fusion makeup kit from ThisThatBeauty...Enter HERE

Win a $50 Visa card and Kleenex anti-viral tissues...Enter HERE (XX) (daily enrtries, too!)

Check HERE for loads of other giveaways(I've mentioned some already). There are lots of great ones, so don't miss out!!!!! Plus, while you're there, check out ShoppingTheMusicak's own giveaways=)

Good Luck!!!

Thursday's Giveaways=)

Sorry again, this one's going to have to be quick! You can get full descriptions and rules of each giveawy when you click on the link.
Remember (XX) = extra entries are available!!

Win a pair of Popits flip flops...Enter HERE

Win Whole Foods mineral makeup...get the deets HERE

Win a Beautyfix 2 set....Enter HERE

Read this review on Natural Bath and Body products and enter to win some HERE

Win a $90 Erno Lazlo special set...Enter HERE

Win a GORGEOUS silk Tolani scarf!! Enter HERE

I will give you more later:)

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


Hump day is here again!! That means half the week down, one more to go...before you start all over again, that is. Not to worry, though, because I have some great giveaways to help you push through the last hlaf of the week and on to the weekend!

Lipgloss Break is givin away Kenesys SPF 30 Girl sunscreen to a lucky ready...enter HERE (XX)

Win the End of Spring giveaway for Urban Decay Primer Potion in Sin! Enter HERE

Life Starring Ellie and Eve is giving away 2 Spring into Spring Avon prize packs that include Christian Lacroix Absynthe. Love it!! Enter HERE (XX)

Makeup Masala is giving away 3 Lure's Beauty new cocoa butter dry lip balm in starwberry swril, grape, and cherry cola! Mmmh:) Enter to win all 3 HERE

Win a Stain Hands Pampering Set from Mary Kay...Enter to win HERE

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Bunches of fantabulous new contests!!

Wow, have you ever realised how many things people give away every day?? I, for one, am really glad they do, though!!! Here are some I found this morning:

Don't forget that if a giveaway has available extra entries, I will show that by putting " (XX) " after hte description and link!! That means more ways to win for more chances!!!

Win Avons natural bath and body set from LovetoShopMom..Enter HERE. (XX)

Win an Orient man's or woman's watch from HERE

Enter to win shoes from Fergie's g-l-a-m-o-r-o-u-s line of shoes! Enter HERE

Enter to win this awesome prize pack featuring: red Roncato train case filled with premium beauty products from Smashbox, Stila, Sue Devitt and China Glaze with an extra "Goody" or two...woah, that's a lot of free stuff!! Enter to win it all HERE

From Luxaholics, win a $120 Lulu bag HERE, a gorgeous bright red bracelet by Mayi HERE, and more...check it all out by clicking on the Sales&Giveaways button on the top right.

Win a Coriolis 1" black flat iron-classic pro from HairandShare giveaway site. Tons of ways to win, so don't miss out!!! Enter to win it HERE (XX)

Another chance to win some Piggy Paints nail polish. All the colors are adorable!! Read her review of them for more info, and enter to win a $20 g.c. for piggypaints..enter HERE

Suave product giveaway..enter HERE

Monday, May 11, 2009

Giveaways Galore :)

I found some new giveaways, and you won't be dissapointed. Promise!
And don't forget that extra entries are denoted with this: (XX)

Nicole's Nickels (love her blog!! she shows me the best deals-ever!) is giving away Joolwe sterling silver necklace and earrings. They are gorge!!! So Enter HERE (XX)

Here's another! chance to win Misikko products: Something Snappy is giving away a Hana Professional flat iron. You don't want to miss this!!!! Enter HERE (XX)

Blessing's Abound is giving away Maybelline's NEW pulse pefectionvibrating mascara which features pulses at the touch of a button for absolutely no clumps!! Win it HERE (XX)

The Gilden Tree is having a contest for you to put your best foot forward-- and you could win a complete Healthy feet kit! Get all the deets HERE

Win 2 Votre Vu self-tanner products form FrugalRIMama. Get the glow you want without the guilt and worry of sunburns, skin cancer, and those nasty tan lines!...Enter HERE (XX)

Win an rms beauty lip and skin balm! read the review and enter to win them HERE, courtesy of Prissy Green! (XX)

Plus, vote for Life Starring Ellie and Eve and get 10 extra entries in EVERY giveaway sh'e hosting-the link to vote is HERE

Good Luck, everyone!

Monday, Monday, Monday

Back for another week. Hey, I survived last week, so I can do it again, right? Ughh, Monday's are definitley not my thing. But, giveaways are, so here are some I found today--yes, even Monday has it's silver lining:)
Also, please note that I'm going to start indicating that extra entries are available for giveaway with this: (XX) after my description and link; if this sign appears, you'll know there are at least 2 ways to entr to increase your chances!!!!

Win Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil...learn about how good it is for you, your skin and hair, and enter to win a jar -all HERE (XX)

Win Khuraira "Lady Obama" lipstick...Enter HERE (XX)

Win a pair of Top It Off accessories flip flops of your choice..enter HERE

Win an AO3 bangle wristlet clutch..super cute and the perfect sixe for when you don't need all that stuff you "need to have in case..." but never actually use! Enter HERE (XX)

Win Davines hair products that were used to creat Katy Perry's gorge hair at the Met ball! enter HERE

Win Edible Gifts Plus $30 G.C. Yum!!!! Enter HERE (XX)

Win beautiful luggage to take with you anywhere! You could win your choice of rolling carry-on luggage worth $150 from !! Enter HERE at Sandier Pastures!!! (XX)

Okay, okay, gotta go now...I'll probably post more soon; Good Luck!!!!!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Quick Giveaways!

Alright, this one's going to be short and sweet; I'll just list the contests without much description, but you can always find full rules, guidelines, and descriptions when you click on the link provided:

The Beaty Couch is giving away Softlips Pure organics lip baclm..Enter HERE

Win tix to this year's Makeup Show NYC...enter HERE

Enter to win the Barielle Sugar Rush nail polish collectio...enter HERE

Tweet and/or comment to enter to win a pair of current/elliot boyfriend jeans! Click HERE and see above widget in post for more giveaways!

Win Charla Krupp's book "How Not to Look Old" ...Enter HERE

Win some adorable lucy activewear solaris short shorts in small...Get the deets to enter HERE. Don't forget, you have to emila your entry!

Win Lancôme's oscillating vibrating mascara...enter HERE

Win Cover FX Makeup: Skintint FX and Radiant FX..Enter HERE

Good Luck!

Fabulous Jewelry Giveaway

The Coupon center is giving away this colorful, pretty heart pendant Chakra necklace and bracelet. SO gorge!! And it's handmade, which is really cool. I lvoe this necklace, and the bracelet is super cute and simple...You don't want to miss a chance to enter...Go HERE and fill out the form at the bottom of the post to enter. Super easy, so there's absolutely no reason not to do it!!

Good Luck!!!!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Goodie goodies

Sorry about not posting much lately,but I'll try to post more frequently now, I swear! Alrighty then, without further ado...

PrissyGreen is giving one lucky person a $50 MotherTongues G.C. Enter HERE

The Informed Makeup Maven is giving away a SoftLips lip balm double pack- that's two for the winner! Plus, check out her tips and other posts and giveaways ( I won her giveaway for a CoverGirl pack; yayy!!) Enter the softlips giveaway HERE

Win a year's supply of permanent AND all-natural hair dye!!! Enter HERE

BellaSugar is giving away more Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo...Enter this one HERE

Enter to win Etsy's May giveaway for a cool, cute zebra heart-shaped pendant necklace:) Enter HERE

Win a VotreVu Tarte D'Amande Sufflé riche pour les corps lotion...Enter HERE

Friday, May 8, 2009

Huge Mother's Day Giveaway

Okay, so I posted about this one before, along with other giveaways, but I though I'd give it it's own little post. 5minutesformom is giving away tons of prizes in honor of Mother's Day, May 10. Whether you're entering for yourself or to give to mom, you'll be lucky to win any of these fabulous prizes. These include a Coach purse, $300 g.c. to the Four Seasons, Hp mini laptop, and an Elliot Lucca satchel...does it now blow your mind!!!??!

So head on over HERE...and click on the giveaway(s) you want to enter, and follow each of the directions. You can enter one or all of them, doesn't matter how many...but they're all super amazing, so why not enter all? Have fun and good luck!!!!!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Hump Day Giveaways

Okay, so I know it's not Wednesday anymore, but I started posting this last night. Before my computer went crazy on me...

I'm guessing the answer will be yes, but have you heard of Wednesday as "hump day"? I hadn't 'til about 2 weeks ago, and now I see it everywhere. That always happens: you've never in your life heard of something, and then, all out of nowhere, it's popping up like dandelions! Anway, this hump day I found some fab freebies for ya, so have fun!!

Prissy Green giveaway for Max Green Alchemy scalp rescue shampoo and conditioner...Enter and read the review HERE

Luxaholics is giving away a pair of Paige denim jeans (worth almost $200) Enter HERE PLus check out their other giveaways while you're there (click on sales&giveaway button on top right)

FunFabulousFinds is giving away a pait of Mohop sandals of your choice..Enter to win HERE. They have some adorable wedges! I so want this :)

Have Kid Will Travel is giving you the chance to win a Janine King Fronce tote! They're adorable! Enter to win one and read her review HERE :)

Win the Oscar Blandi Pronto Dry Shampoo giveaway at BellaSugar...Enter HERE

Fusion of color mineal cosmetics giveaway at 24/7 moms Enter HERE

Kimono giveaway Enter HERE

Bath and Body Works Giveaway to help stay safe from swine flu! Enter HERE

Enter The Shopping mama's giveaway, including THIS ONE for your choice of a personalized paper product; perfect if your mom( or you) loves to scarpbook, make cards, etc.

Check out Bagder Mama for even more giveaway listings, like THIS ONE for a Vada pocket video camcorder:)

The Beauty Counter is giving away 5(!) face Authority Epicares...Enter for your chance HERE

Lipgloss Break is giving you the cahnce to win the entire Rhassoul Core 5-piece All-Natural collection from Daybreak Lavendar Farms...Enter HERE

As part of her Mother's Day Madness, Fairy Blog Mother is giving away a Good Thymes bath and body Berry Almond sampler...Enter to win it HERE :)

Win this gorge! button necklace from Twisted Silver on Girl Woman Beauty Brains Blog...Enter HERE

Bath and Body works is giving away huge prizes including $1001 shopping spree!! get all the deets HERE

Spledicity is giving 6 people the chance to win a Beautyfix kit..Enter HERE

Good Luck to everyone!!

more later...

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Misikko Giveaways for flat irons and more!!!

Okay, so I found a bunch of giveaway for Misikko hair styling products! Good Luck!!!! There are tons of ways to win, too. (I'm getting a few now!)

MyDivineChaos and Misikko are giving away a Babyliss Pro Nano Titanium flat iron worth $140. Read her review of the 1" flat iron and enter to win it HERE

WhatMommiesNeed is giving you the chance to win a Hana elite flat about it and Enter to win HERE

TheMorrisBunchBlog brings you the chance to win a UNIL Infrashine 1" ceramic flat iron worth $130! Enter HERE

AFewGoodyGumdrops is giving away a 1.5" Hana Elite flat iron worth $225!! Read the review and Enter to win one HERE

The Not-So-Blog is giving away a 1"Hana Elite flat iron worth almost $200!!! Read some more info about it and enter to win it HERE

Woah, lots of great Misikko products to win!! So good luck!

Free Origins mini-facial!!

Your favorite Origins counter is giving you a free facial plus your choice of a free sample! Head over from May 11-31 to get pampered, but don't forget to book it before-hand. Get more details HERE.
Also, take advantage of Origins' recycling program, and bring in empty cosmetics containers (brand does not matter), and you'll receive free samples!
Yep, that's a lot of free origins stuff, so don't miss out!


Good Morning! At least, so far it is! The week is still looming in front of us, but it also gives me the time to get things done. So I guess I can't complain, right?

Here are the giveaways I found today:

Win a Glowelle 7-day kit with a travel case($40 value) Enter HERE

Here's another chance to win the Mrs. Meyer's Clean Home: no nonsense advice that will inspire you to clean like the dickens....Enter HERE

Things remebered charm story giveaway...Enter HERE

Barelle Sugar Rush collection nail polish set giveaway..Enter HERE

Win Mom some beautiful hand-drawn cards...Enter HERE

Win a Bissel Little Green...Enter HERE

More Than a Pretty Face is giving away Beauty Strokes Mineral Optics brush collection: yep, the whole collention!! Enter HERE ( I won her last giveaway for OCC's lip tar collection!! yay!)

DKMommyspot is giving away a barbar ECO 8000 hairdryer worth $150...Enter to win this fabulous giveaway, and read the review HERE

Good Luck!