Monday, May 25, 2009

Spread the word...

I just read Manic Mother's post from 2 days ago saying that her little boy Ezra was just diagnosed with leukemia and will need chemo for 3 years!! As is completely imaginable, she and her family are now facing financial difficulties and have asked for your help. Donate-any amount at all- or help by spreading the word. Her story is so sad, and no family should have to go through this without some support. You can read her full post about it HERE.
I think that, however tragic this must be for her,her whole family, and friends, we should realize something. This could happen to any one of us, and if we needed support, would everyone else be there for us? Take a moment from your busy day (and life) and read her story, and if you are unable to help financially, she would love and appreciate an encouraging comment or help spreading the word I'm sure.

Help her spread the word about this by tweeting, reposting this or her post, telling friends, family, anything! I'm sure she will be blessed to have any help.