Monday, May 11, 2009

Monday, Monday, Monday

Back for another week. Hey, I survived last week, so I can do it again, right? Ughh, Monday's are definitley not my thing. But, giveaways are, so here are some I found today--yes, even Monday has it's silver lining:)
Also, please note that I'm going to start indicating that extra entries are available for giveaway with this: (XX) after my description and link; if this sign appears, you'll know there are at least 2 ways to entr to increase your chances!!!!

Win Tropical Traditions Virgin Coconut Oil...learn about how good it is for you, your skin and hair, and enter to win a jar -all HERE (XX)

Win Khuraira "Lady Obama" lipstick...Enter HERE (XX)

Win a pair of Top It Off accessories flip flops of your choice..enter HERE

Win an AO3 bangle wristlet clutch..super cute and the perfect sixe for when you don't need all that stuff you "need to have in case..." but never actually use! Enter HERE (XX)

Win Davines hair products that were used to creat Katy Perry's gorge hair at the Met ball! enter HERE

Win Edible Gifts Plus $30 G.C. Yum!!!! Enter HERE (XX)

Win beautiful luggage to take with you anywhere! You could win your choice of rolling carry-on luggage worth $150 from !! Enter HERE at Sandier Pastures!!! (XX)

Okay, okay, gotta go now...I'll probably post more soon; Good Luck!!!!!