Tuesday, April 7, 2009

It's April...right?

Okay, it's pretty much spring now, right? Well that's what I thought...until it started snowing yesterday!! I'm talking blizard, here, and it's still coming down.

Will it ever end?

In case you're experiencing some of this what-season-is-it-anyway weather, here are a few more giveaways to brighten your day!

All the way from Paris and internationally known comes Sothys Skincare...enter to win Sothys Spicey Shower Gel and Desquacrem, here from Splendicity

Also from that fab site...These will make it feel a little more like spring: Chinese Laundry Bournty Sandals...win a pair from Splendicity

Lips didn't survive the harsh not-so-long-gone winter?Salvage them with Soft Lips Pomegranate Lip Balm...Just answer this question to enter for a chance to win

Another goody?
Check out piperlime.com for new shoes! The sales are fab..plus free shipping&returns. I only include this because right now I'm dying for a new pair for spring...

Anyways, enjoy!