Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Some thoughts...

Spring is almost here!! It takes a while( at least where I am) but eventually it arrives, and so do new colors and styles of fashion and makeup...Have anything in particular you have on your spring wishlist??

Well, I'm dying to get some wedges and gladiator sandals in bright colors...I consider them the new, much-improved flip flop:) Plus, a spring/summer must: light, airy dresses! There's this one Jill Stuart dress that is soo gorgeous; ahhh, but it only costs about $450!! Not even near possible for me...

Also, any questions you have for me, I would love to answer. I'll be doing my first review on the Revlon false lashes and nails that I won just as soon as I try 'em. Any products you've been wondering about? Makeup tips? I'll be glad to help!

Have a Happy Spring, everyone!